Being a thief came first. My foray into filmmaking began the day I stole my mother’s VHS camcorder that she got at a run-of-the-mill yard sale. At 7-years-old, I now had two occupations: filmmaking and thievery. But, I knew I couldn’t do both. I took the high road and stuck to filmmaking and put the past where it belongs.

The first projects I worked on were about espionage and murder. I was in kindergarten. My personal favorite from that youthful era was a campy, thrasher-style horror flick about a monster with a tennis ball head, which by the end of the film had fake blood splattered across its fuzzy yellow face. By the end of middle school, I was quickly approaching 1,000 short films. Trust me, if you grew up in Paducah, KY, you’d be just as productive.

As I grew up and matured in my tastes, I found myself making all sorts of short and feature-length films, documentaries, music videos, training films, and commercials. I’ve worked in many places like Nashville, St. Louis, Paducah, and Los Angeles and pitched movies to distributors at the American Film Market in Santa Monica and the Cannes Film Festival. Some of my films have won categories like best cinematography, sound design, and score. And through all of that, I wasn’t just behind the camera. I’ve also written screenplays, worked lights and sound, directed large and small crews of actors, designed and built sets, made costumes, and created special effects. I can assemble all of the pieces to tell a story that gives the audience something that they can take home with them.

tl;dr ↓

I’ve been at it for a minute. I would boil my work down to two categories: business and pleasure. My art is my art, and I enjoy every minute of it. But, when I work with clients, I listen to what their goals are, I give my input if asked, and I’ll channel everything into making the best product possible. I can come to the table with ideas for your video (and often do), but can also follow direction if a client already has one.

Thanks for checking out the site, and feel free to reach out if you’d like to work with me or have any questions!